Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day; Life and Death at GNMP Cemetery

For today's post, I'm using some photos I took back in June, during a small photo walk through the Gettysburg National Military Park Cemetery.

I realize this post would probably be a bit more aprapos for Memorial Day; however, I don't really have any photos of living military personnel.

Therefore, I tried to included some photos of life that continues to exist around the fallen.

This is a headstone with a reflection of a memorial
flag placed at a grave.
In order to honor those in the cemetery, many continue to
return, in order to place flags, the graves.

While at the GNMP Cemetery, I was attempting to take a photo of a particular marker that caught my eye. As I was attempting to line up the shot, a couple of young girls gathered around the marker and got in my shot.

While waiting for them to move, I overheard them say that they were visiting from Indiana. As they walked away, I took a shot from my original position.

I then got closer to the marker and noticed what it was that the girls were actually doing. They were decorating the marker, with sticks they had found, in honor of a soldier from their home state.

The next several photos are of a Great Laurel (Rhododendron maximum) which was producing these wonderful blooms.

The next image is simply a fun one to throw in from the day. I kind of like how the plant seems to create the upper and lower jaw of an animal that is getting ready to swallow up the moth.

The last two are of a fellow photo fanatic who was along for the photo walk. You may have noticed her from some other posts, as she is also a member of the photo club I attend at my church.

Thank you to all who have served, are currently serving, and those who will eventually choose to serve in any of the branches of the United States Military.


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