Monday, January 14, 2013

2nd Place Bluebird

It's official folks!

One of my photos took 2nd Place in a photo contest.

No, the bird on the certificate is not the one I photographed.

Let me explain.
For any of you who have read my blog, you may remember that I was attempting to photograph as many different types of birds as I could, on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Well, I haven't really spent as much time out there as I would like, so that project will take a lot more time.

However, I really do enjoy taking photos of birds and realize that the Gettysburg Battlefield has many species to offer.

Back in April 2011, I discovered the Eastern Bluebird.

When I say that I discovered the bird, I simply mean that I had never noticed them before.

Same bird; however, a different position, and exposing for the
sky, instead of the bird.

After having photographed this beautiful bird, I soon realized how many of them there were on the Battlefield.

Cropped in version of the first Bluebird image.

However, I have also come to realize that it is not always very easy to get solid photographs of them, since they are a bit skittish.

So, back to the whole Photo Contest thing.

My brother, Matthew, knowing how I enjoy photographing birds, and seeing most of the images that I have of them, had told me about the Great Backyard Bird Count Photo Contest.

The count and contest are sponsored by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, The Audubon Society and Bird Studies Canada.

There are approximately 6,ooo photos submitted, and then they are broken into categories: Overall, Habitat, Behavior, Group Shot (2 or more birds), Composition and People Enjoying Birds.

Representatives of each of the three sponsor groups consider the images, based on composition, skillful use of camera, lighting, depth of field, sharpness of focus, color balance, framing, camera angle, originality, subject choice, and patience/luck in getting the image.

1st Place winners, in each of the categories have won some type of bird feeder setup. I believe one of them even won a set of binoculars. The 1st Place winner of the Overall category also has the honor of having their photo placed on the certificates of all of the other winners; hence the image of the Cedar Waxwing.

My winning photo, for the 2012 Contest; Habitat:

Eastern Bluebird Feb 2012

I do plan on participating again this year. The trick is that that photos have to be taken within a four day period, which is when the actual Great Backyard Bird Count takes place. And, the days are in the middle of February...buurrrrr.

This year I'm gunnin' for the 1st Place Overall spot.


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  1. A really GREAT photo of one of my favorite birds!
    Congratulations! :)